Building the Best Baskets

When it comes to bringing colour to your garden, nothing quite tops a hanging basket. You might think that with such a limited amount of space you'd end up with less colour and diversity - but if done correctly, plants in baskets aren’t lost in the noise like border and bedding plants.

By choosing complimentary colours, layering shades of the same flower and using plants' features to their advantage, you can produce some very clever additions for your porches, arbours, walls and more.

Hanging baskets have also been designed with portability in mind; unlike static beds and borders – which also require a good deal of room to establish – hanging baskets can be displayed in an endless amount of locations and in an endless amount of ways.

Here, at Almondsbury Garden Centre, we have some stunning baskets on sale, as well all of the tools you need to make your own.

Our Bottom Greenhouse is filled with attractive colour as we get ready for Summer. Baskets of arranged fuchsias float in light pinks and purples above the rich displays. If you’re after a calming and very delicate feel, the blossoms of fuchsias, with their long, curving petals and ornate stamens, will work very well alongside pergolas, garden buildings and porches. These baskets are priced at £9.99 each and will provide you with colour right through until the Autumn.

If you’re a little late planting out your flowers, or you rarely have the time, we also have a range of other pre-made baskets to help you this year. All you’ll need to do is choose a sunny spot, hang them up and keep them watered – they’ll keep on giving until the Autumn.

For those of you who are feeling more adventurous this year, we also have everything available for you to make your own baskets. In the range of flower packs suitable for baskets we have Brachycome Surdaisy Strawberry, with wonderful bright pink blooms. As well as this, the bright Bacopa Gulliver White with clusters of small delicate flowers and the quirky Calibrachoa Callie Light Blue are also on sale. Trumpet-like flowers make the Calibrachoa Callie Light Blue perfect for drawing attention to neglected areas of the garden and the Bacopa would work fantastically in contrast to the Brachycome.

Hanging baskets will work wonders in your garden, especially with Summer right around the corner. Why not boost colour around your garden ready for barbecues, garden parties or simply just for relaxing in the hot, sunny mornings?