Compost is a gardener's essential

Make your compost trip easy with the South West's First Compost Drive-Thru.

Compost is a gardener’s essential. Before you even think about getting plants and trees into the ground, most of your garden plants need the soil to be right first. Whether you’re filling up a hanging basket, adding topsoil to your beds or improving soil ready for great flowers and crops, getting high-quality compost is a must.

Yet, picking up bags of compost from a garden centre can be a difficult task, especially if you want to look at the plants or spend time eating food. To solve this problem, we’ve created the South West’s first Compost Drive-Thru here at Almondsbury Garden Centre.

We want to make buying your essentials easier. Simply drive up, choose the compost that you want and our staff will load it all up for you. The compost drive-thru is perfect for quick trips or for big orders. Drive round and buy your soil before you go inside the garden centre and save yourself work, or come around and load up your car just as you’re leaving. With a range of different types of compost, as well as knowledgeable staff, we can help you make your garden a success. Not only this, with such an accessible way to load up compost you can sit back and relax, getting the most out of your visit.

Our ranges of growbags are perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers and for filling pots and containers. For beds and borders, the larger 50 litre bags are perfect for raising up the ground and adding beneficial nutrients to tired soil. In addition to this, we also have top-quality specialist compost for hanging baskets, ericaceous compost for rhododendrons, camellias and blueberries. And if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to peat composts, we also have peat-free compost for you.

This year, don’t settle for DIY store-bought compost. With a huge selection of compost, topsoil and manure as well as a new compost drive-thru to make your trip all the easier, why not come and pay us a visit here at Almondsbury?