Still haven't found your perfect Christmas tree yet? There's still time!

It can be quite a headache finding the tree for your home; not only do you spend hours wandering around looking for trees, when you arrive you find that they aren’t quite what you were hoping for.

Here, at Almondsbury, not only do we have a fantastic selection of Christmas trees, you can pick up the tree that you want without the hassle.

How do you choose your tree? The first question has to be artificial versus real.

Whilst a real Christmas tree will bring that wonderful festive smell and look to your home, there are so many beautiful artificial trees out there. The biggest benefits of owning an artificial tree is that it’s portable, it doesn’t drop its needles and that it can be packed away when Christmas is over, ready to come out again next time.

As you first walk into Almondsbury, you’ll find a display of wonderful artificial trees waiting for you. These trees are almost like the real thing: they’re built to last and will store away perfectly for next Christmas and the Christmases following it. We have a variety of different shapes and sizes, making our trees perfect for a wide range of different needs.

Our stocks of artificial trees, based in our winter wonderland-themed display, make high quality decorations. With beautiful baubles, stars, as well as more traditional lights – these trees will make your home feel Christmassy.

Of course, for those of you who go out of your way every year for the real thing, we have a huge selection of Nordmann firs next to our indoor plant section. If you like them small, we have our value range of Nordmann firs for only £29.99. Fancy something bigger? Our 200 - 250cm Nordmann firs offer you more height and spread, making them perfect for larger rooms.  

We love Christmas; and we want you to have the best Christmas. Our staff are always on-hand to help you, whether it be choosing your tree, helping you by cutting the base and tidying it up, or by offering advice on aftercare. You can choose your tree, then take a look at our wonderful Christmas gift ideas, pop into our homely restaurant and come back for it.

With everything in one place, as well as being surrounded by stunning views – why not try something different this year and head up to Almondsbury?