4 Tips for Creating a Calming Garden

Life, in all its richness, isn’t half stressful from time to time.

Whether it’s pressures at work, troubles with family or friends, financial struggles or even just the barrage of bad news pouring from the evening news, we all find ourselves stressed from time to time.

Equally, we each have our ways of combatting that stress. From long, bubble-filled baths to the solitude offered by a good book, there’s no wrong way to calm down.

For those of us lucky enough to have our own gardens though, we have an incredible opportunity to build, shape and transform our outdoor spaces stunning, luxurious and deeply relaxing spaces which we can enjoy all year round.

But if you’re planning on creating a calming garden, what elements do we recommend you include? Join us as we share a few of our favourites.


Running Water

It’s no secret that human beings have a special relationship with water. It makes up 60% of our body and, throughout history, it’s been arguably the most valuable resource we have.

Today, some 80% of the world’s population lives within 60 miles of the coast 75% of the world’s largest cities are found near the coast.

Clearly, proximity to water is hugely important to us – but when you don’t happen to live near water, what can you do? The answer, of course, is to install a water feature in your garden. Running water has huge relaxation benefits, as well as adding visual excitement to any garden.


Comfortable Seating

Blankets on the lawn do in a pinch, but true relaxation requires true comfort.

Garden furniture can help us turn our gardens into usable spaces all year round.

Take the time to choose garden furniture which not only suits your garden but also allows you to relax as you might in your living room or bedroom. Once purchased, place it in a part of your garden which is secluded and private, with a view out over your space.



Gardens are more than just beautiful places to relax and entertain – they’re miniature ecosystems which support countless forms of life, both big and small.

Keeping a healthy garden is vital for creatures like bees and butterflies, but there are things you can do to encourage more wildlife into your garden. Invest in bird feeding stations, houses and baths and watch as all manner of incredible local and migrating birds arrive for a little R&R in your garden. It’s both hugely relaxing and rewarding.


Light, Bright Colours

The psychological impact of colours is well documented with each colour promoting distinct emotional responses within ourselves. A truly relaxing garden is one where you feel happy and comfortable, of course, and that means filling it with colours which make you happy. However, there are certain colours which lend themselves to relaxation.

Whites, blues and pastel tones all bright light to a garden, breaking up vast swathes of green and brown with stunning, brilliant colours, whilst also deeply relaxing your mind.


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