Be Bold With Hanging Baskets

With our ever-changing gardens, containers and hanging baskets are growing in popularity. Although you’re more restricted with baskets as opposed to beds and borders, if you work this to your advantage these restricted spaces can focus in powerful colour and shape to your garden instantly.

Here, at Almondsbury, we have a fantastic collection of hanging basket plants ready to be potted up in your garden. In addition to this, our staff are also on hand to offer you advice on creating a hanging basket that makes an impact, as well as offering tips on how to care for your plants once they’re established. 

Vibrant pansies and violas available in our collection. Purple and yellow bi-colour pansies will work wonderfully with orange violas to produce some bright pockets of colour in your hanging baskets. Contrastingly, by mixing our pale blue pansies with the dark, indulgent purple violas, this arrangement will create a deep and rich palette of colours for your garden.

Trailing lobelias are wonderful little hanging basket plants. These plants are sculptural, with their long clusters of blue flowers spilling out of the basket and filling the space around it. Mix these plants in with our indulgent pansies or bright orange violas and you’ll create a powerful plant decoration for your outside space.

Don’t own a garden? By setting up just a couple of hanging baskets on your balcony, terrace or patio, you can bring some joy to your home without the soil. You could also bring in some lovely scent by planting our petunia packs in your arrangement. These will create a delightful smell on your terrace or balcony, perfect for that morning coffee or that relaxing time in the evening after work.

Not only do we have an extensive range of plants ready for hanging baskets, they’re also affordable too. Sourced from top-quality nurseries, our 9cm packs will only set you back £1.25 each. This. as well as a vast range of tools and accessories to help you get the most out of your hanging baskets this year, gives you everything you could need in one place.

Our range of petunias, violets, lobelias, marigolds and many more will bring brilliant splashes of colour to arbours, porches, conservatories and garages. You can find them all in our Bottom Greenhouse, located just a short walk away from the main shop. Why not come along and see how we can help you achieve some beautiful colour?