Brilliant Begonias

We’re now in the warmest and most productive part of the growing season. From fruits and vegetables to flowers and trees – the time is ripe for setting up some colour in your garden to enjoy through the long evenings and the sunny days.

Among the inspiring and colourful range of summer bedding packs we have here at Almondsbury, the begonia has to be one of the greats. Begonias, for a while, have become synonymous with gardens across the country, with many gardeners choosing to fill their beds with these showy-leafed, vibrant flowering plants. Because they grow close to the ground with a spreading habit similar to geraniums; this makes them excellent plants for filling up empty space and for growing alongside taller bedding plants such as nicotiana and verbena.
If you're looking to transform a larger bed or border, the six packs of begonias we have on offer here are just £2.49 each. You may get them cheaper in a DIY store, but our stocks of begonias have been grown locally, with great care taken from seed to plant, from our supplier in Devon – making them excellent quality. Our staff are also knowledgeable on begonias as well, providing you with tips on how you can get the best out of these hardy bedding plants. As well as the bedding packs, we also have larger, more mature plants on offer, such as the UK-grown ‘grower’s finest’ range of begonias, on sale for £3.49 each.

If you’re new to growing your own flowers, or you’re simply looking for plants to brighten up your garden – begonias are wonderful plants to invest in, providing you with colour right up until the first frosts. The plants will set you back much less than a pot of cut-flowers from a supermarket and you’ll see all of that wonderful colour for far longer. The begonias come in a palette of different shades – from the variety ‘deep orange’ to ‘apricot’, ‘scarlet’ and ‘white’. The collection promises non-stop blooms suitable for window boxes, pots, containers, or traditional flower beds.

Don’t let not owning a garden stop you from owning some bright colour; begonias – like many of our summer bedding plants, can also be potted up and grown indoors, provided the spot receives a good deal of sun and, of course, by establishing a couple of different begonia shades on a balcony or terrace, you can bring something eye-catching to an otherwise empty space.