Choose Dahlias to Continue Colour in Your Garden

Dahlias come in so many shapes, sizes and colours, and they are just coming into their element. In our colder and shorter summers, these flowers provide us with that pop of colour our gardens need.

There’s a reason why Dahlias come in so many shapes, sizes and colours. For one, some Dahlias are perennials and, so long as they are lifted in the winter, can be planted back into the garden again next year for more fantastic colour. The second reason is that, whilst many of our favourite summer bedding and border plants are now either going to seed or dying back, Dahlias are only just coming into their element. In our colder and shorter summers, these flowers provide us with that certainty that we need.

Here, at Almondsbury Garden Centre, we have a wonderful range of Dahlias to help you get more out of your garden beds and borders this summer. Your garden can continue to thrive throughout the rest of August and right through until the first frosts with our Dahlias. Located in our second greenhouse, our smaller bedding and border Dahlias will make perfect remedies to that fading colour. By mixing our red blooms with purples and pinks, or by introducing the burnt orange flowers with already established yellow, blue and white summer bedding, you can reinvigorate these spaces. Better still, you can pick up the plants for £3.99 each or get a set of 3 for £10.

If you’re after something larger and bolder, our perennial Dahlias will achieve this and more. Located a little further back towards the main shop, our selection holds purple pompom style-blooms, indulgent purples and the gorgeous orange tones of the Dahlia Dalina Maxi Emilio. We have all of the inspiration you need to ensure that your summer colour continues for as long as it can.

Another fantastic benefit of incorporating these taller perennial Dahlias into your garden schemes is that their foliage is just as stunning as their flower heads. Looking almost unreal, the stems and the leaves of Dahlias provide lots of intrigue. Our orange-coloured Bishop of Oxford and pale-yellow toned Bishop of York plants hold beautiful, dark leaves and stems, perfect for making a statement in any container or pot. You can pick up these perennial plants for £8.99.

Even though we’re now on our way towards autumn, don’t let that stop you from enjoying more glorious colour. Need help finding the right Dahlias for a new garden or a design that will bring your garden back to life? Our expert staff are always on hand to help should you have any questions. Why not pay us a visit? With a huge range of beautiful plants and expert advice, you can build a garden to be proud of.