Perfect Preserves, Chutneys and Chocolates For Presents This Christmas

We all know that food is what makes Christmas the great holiday that it is. Whether it be tucking into some festive chocolates or preparing a delicious spread with your favourite chutneys and jams on the side, you can’t beat that homely feeling.

In preparation for December, at Almondsbury Garden Centre we’ve been putting together our favourite selections of gift ideas. As an independent garden centre, we believe that quality is important, especially where presents are concerned. And this is no different when it comes to our beautiful sets and hampers.

As you enter the main shop, you’ll find a wonderful selection of mustards, jams and chutneys all stored in little jars. These are full of zing and flavour, making those cooked meats and wintry sandwiches all the richer. Moving on from this display of nifty little jars, and we have lots of single jars of preserves such as the pots of wholesome raspberry jam, making those morning pieces of toast and afternoon snacks all the better.

Just a short way away from the jars, and you’ll find our perfect Christmas hampers and cheeseboards. If you’re stuck on ideas for what to get certain family members and friends this Christmas, these extensive kits hold a host of tasty treats that celebrate what Christmas is about.

And then there are our Distillery Collection gift packs featuring Famous Grouse whiskey-flavoured honey as well as spirit-infused versions of marmalade and mustard. You can pick one of our distillery gift packs up for only £6.99, a great price for such a unique present.

In addition to our jams and preserves, we also have a variety of biscuits available. From fun little kits to set up with your children such as our Gingerbread House Kit and Winter Wonderland Cupcake Kit to more traditional shortbread sets and tins.

Included in our Christmas collection is our huge display of chocolates and sweets. You can choose from massive fizzy bubblegum and strawberry whips, tubs of classic pick ‘n’ mix sweets like chocolate footballs and jelly beans and we’re also stocking packs of chocolate figurines. For the older members of the family, cocktail chocolate sets and delectable trays of fine chocolates will make beautiful presents this festive time. These sets feature some great flavour combinations and have been carefully chosen by us.

If food is your passion, why not indulge yourself in our fantastic range of biscuits, preserves, chocolates and more here at Almondsbury?