Continuous Colour

September is now here. With the end of the Summer beckoning, those beautiful flowers that we’ve been growing all season in our beds, borders or containers are now beginning to fade. Even the blooms on larger trees are now coming to an end, with fruit trees swelling their delicious crops ready for tasty Autumn harvests.

You may take this as a sign to clear the beds and retreat inside. Yet, with the milder Autumns and Winters that we've had in recent years, and with many varieties of flowers bred for tolerating slightly chiller climates now, you can still celebrate the end of the Summer with some little features in your garden.

At Almondsbury, we have a good range of bedding packs to help you keep your garden in colour for longer. From cyclamen in a wealth of purples, pinks and whites to chrysanthemums, violas and more.

Just a short distance away from the main shop, we have packs of gentle cyclamen perfect for decorating your garden. You could use the cyclamen in empty beds and borders, plant them up in hanging baskets outside of porches and conservatories, or pot them up on a balcony or terrace. The cyclamen come in wonderful calming tones, but they also have very attractive bodies and leaves that will cover bare batches of soil perfectly. You can pick up a pack of cyclamen plugs for just £1.49, a great deal for filling up empty garden spaces.

Why not reflect that wonderful colour that late Summer and Autumn bring with our packs of violas? The viola blooms come in a rich range of patterns and hues and our large sets cost around £5.99 a pack. Some are yellow with deep purple patterns, others are warm burnt oranges and we also have several in light and ocean blues. A set of containers or pots with the burnt orange and blue violas, or the light blue and dark violet varieties would create some eye-catching scenes as the garden falls into dormancy. The advantages of pots are, of course, that they can be transported. In the event of some very cold evenings, the plants can be moved to warmer walls and conservatories, only to be placed back outside again to charm your garden the following day.

The strong summer colours may be fading now, which is all the more reason why you shouldn't miss out on growing these charming flowers. If you’re missing that vibrant Summer colour already, come and pick up our bright blooms.