Fabulous Flowers

At Almondsbury, we are very passionate about our plants. We put the greatest care into stocking, arranging and maintaining our plants so that you can feel excited and inspired when you step inside. Our bottom greenhouse is currently brimming with beautiful colour, as fuchsia baskets float over the bedding packs, and osteospermums sing in warm, vibrant hues.

With large star-shaped blooms, dipped in the brightest and boldest tones, osteospermums make great additions to borders and beds. These flowers, priced at just £2.99 each, make fantastic plants for edging borders and for mixing in with the more clustered bush lobelia, also on display. If you don’t own a garden, the flowers will look brilliant in pots along windowsills or in sunny indoor spots.

One on side of the bottom greenhouse's outdoor area, we have some exciting new begonia plants on offer. These begonias, 'bonfire', have been grown to produce large, fiery flowers that would make any garden burst into life.

On the other side, we have some showy pink dahlias with yellow centres on offer. Dahlias are very attractive plants; with tall bodies and large interesting heads, they are great for growing at the backs of beds, or in corners that might otherwise lack energy and colour. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be adding dahlias of many different shades from purples to reds, ready be planted into beds, or pots.

Zinnias have always been a popular choice for gardens. Belonging to the sunflower family like their dahlia counterparts, Zinnias, too, open up large flower heads. Both types of flower hold a wealth of different flower shapes, and a bed full of these, dahlias and some bush lobelia for the edging would bring a lot of focus into an area that you really want to show off.

Although they have a smaller growing habit, the six-packs of gazania, featured as part of our £2.49 Summer bedding pack offer, would also compliment the dahlias and zinnias. Run the gazanias along the fronts of your beds, allowing the dahlias and zinnias to occupy the back and you’ll have a sweeping block of rich colour.

Gazanias also work well with marigolds; mix these flowers if you want an impressive array of different shapes, as well as colour, occupying your borders. With gazanias, dahlias and zinnias all holding bold blooms, plants such as nicotiana and lobelia are perfect for bringing a little subtlety to the colour palette, too.