Garden Colour Doesn't Have to Stop in Winter

When we look out of our windows in January, the sky is often grey, the ground muddy and the plants very dormant. What we really want is that touch of colour to see us to spring and the main event. And there are two wonderful plants that can bring that joy to our gardens. More importantly, they don’t require much space or effort to provide that colour, too.

We have a selection of beautiful witch-hazels in our outdoor plant section here at Almondsbury. With bright and vibrant flowers that almost resemble fireworks as they open, this tree is sure to bring some life to your garden. This makes the time between the fading colour of autumn and the emergence of new life from the bulbs much shorter. Not only this, but as the witch-hazels grow larger spreads in your garden, so too will the beautiful explosions of colour between their branches. Perhaps the most important feature of the witch-hazel is its scent, which will drift around your garden and refresh your senses during the cold winter days.

As trees that need very little maintenance aside from the odd feeding of Growmore or fish, blood and bone, witch-hazels are perfect for the occasional gardener. They can also be grown on patios and small space gardens in containers. It’s recommended that you train the tree up from pot to pot until you reach a final container of 40cm wide and deep.

These are trees that you can truly invest in, and at around £30 a plant, it’ll be worth it for a plant which thrives in the coldest weather. You can find our witch-hazels in the outdoor plant area, just a short walk away from the main shop.

Another brilliant plant that we have in stock currently at Almondsbury are our Sarcococcas. Once again, during the dreariest days, these evergreens – otherwise known as sweetboxes – hold bushy greenery and white, bell-shaped flowers that lure you in with their scent. At £9.99 a pot, Sarcococcas are plants that just keep on giving. Introduce these to your beds and borders or in areas of your garden where you want to build natural barriers and you can enjoy life and colour all year-round.

As a garden centre with one of the largest stocks of plants, landscaping materials and garden accessories, a visit to us will not only provide you with the plants you need to create your perfect space, you’ll also walk away feeling inspired for the growing year ahead.