Make Your Mother's Day Marvellous

Mother’s Day gives us all the perfect opportunity to celebrate our Mums. At Almondsbury, we’ve selected only the best flowers and more to make your Mum’s day special.

In the outside part of our bottom greenhouse, just a short walk away from the main shop, we have a beautiful collection of primroses, violets, pansies and more for you to give as gifts this year. In addition to this, we also have special Mother’s Day arrangements, featuring wonderful Spring greenery as well as vibrant lilac flowers to impress. The arrangements come with authentic pots and are on offer at only £7.99 each.

Perhaps you want to make your Mum a gift this year? We have everything you could need here to make your own pretty arrangements. Our Spring bedding packs of violets and pansies will complement each other perfectly in pots. Deep purples and yellows, light blues and gorgeous oranges or bi-colour mixes will all work fantastically together. We also have some beautiful pots available at the garden centre and our staff are always on hand to help you with advice and tips on creating the perfect displays.

Take a walk inside the bottom greenhouse, and our houseplants will also make great gifts for Mother’s Day. You can choose from the more traditional and hugely popular Phalaenopsis orchids. It’s easy to see why these orchids have become so popular in our homes. The plants add calm and tranquillity to your home. Not only this, but the plants are also suited to a variety of different spaces.

Alongside our orchid collection, we also have some lovely, vibrant Saint Paullia flowers. These compact plants offer fantastic colours to brighten up office spaces and more. If your Mum is looking for something different to her bedding and border plants, then one of these colourful plants would make a great gift. As well as flowers, we also have a huge range of succulents and cactuses available and pre-designed Mother’s Day houseplant arrangements too.

Whether you’ve struggled to find the perfect gift for your Mum or you want to treat her to a day out, we have lots to offer here, at Almondsbury. As well as stocking a range of different flowers and plants, we also have a great café and restaurant in the main shop. Give the busy shops a miss. Come and sample our delicious menu and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere instead. After you’ve finished your meal, have a wander around our friendly and colourful garden centre.