Marvellous Marigolds and More

There's a certain charm about marigolds that holds them high on a gardener's list of summer flowers to grow.

With very big blooms for such dainty flowers - you get a lot of bang for your buck with marigolds. There are two kinds of marigold on offer here at Almondsbury. We have the African marigold, which hold large, pom-pom shaped flowers and the French marigold, with shorter frames and frillier blooms, on display in our Bottom Greenhouse.

Through their foliage and flowers, marigolds fill up a good deal of space. This makes them perfect plants for beds, borders and pots. Why not try layering marigolds with the larger framed, bell-shaped flowers of antirrhinums, such as the Sonnet Pink we have on offer, for a really vibrant display?

Alternatively, you could use the orange and yellow hues of marigolds to edge a bed full of purple and lilac dahlias and traditional yellow sunflowers for a more blended feel.

Whichever way you choose to present your marigolds – the flowers are a very versatile addition to the garden.

Along with the marigolds we have displayed in the bottom greenhouse, we also have a stunning collection of sunflowers. If you were too late in sowing these bright beauties this year, we have it covered.

Another reason that marigolds and sunflowers are useful in the garden is because they can be used in the kitchen, too. Sunflowers can be used in three ways; when young leaves appear, you can harvest a few of these and then put into salads. Alternately, you can harvest the unopened flower buds and sauté these, as well as the seeds once the flowers have died back.

Edible flowers are very popular at the moment and marigold flowers are no exception. The petals make vibrant editions to salads and anything else that requires that little added colour. The flowers can also be used as a cheaper substitute for saffron, or for making fragrant tea.

If you’ve only recently taken on an allotment, or you've decided that you want to have a go at harvesting a few fresh vegetables this summer - there are still plenty of plants available for the vegetable patch. Packs green leaves, runner beans and dwarf French beans, carrots, beetroot and more are available at £1.99 a strip.

From feeds to frost cover – why not take a look at our range of products to help you grow your own this year?