The perfect potato

Potatoes are so much more than food staples. Although you can find them in every supermarket, shop-bought spuds offer you much less flavour, texture and colour than the crops you could be growing in your garden. Even for the experienced potato grower, trying new and improved varieties can give you a crop that tastes miles better than what you’ve been growing before.

They might be one of the most common types of food in supermarkets and shops, but nothing beats growing your own spuds. There’s so much joy and anticipation when you pull up the plant and dig around to see how many potatoes the plant has grown for you.

At Almondsbury, we pride ourselves on our range of seed potatoes. We only bring the tastiest varieties into our shop. With bags of potatoes and loose varieties, too, we have your growing season covered.

Our bags of potatoes are ideal if you’re a spud lover. By buying in bulk, you can save money and enjoy delicious potatoes for several months. Choose from classics such as Maris Piper and more.

New to growing your own potatoes this year? Perhaps you don’t have miles of space to set aside for spuds? Our ranges of loose potatoes are perfect for you. You can mix and match all of our fantastic varieties and have potatoes for all occasions without forking out a fortune by harvesting time.

We have Maris Peer, Pentland Crown, Maris Bard, Lady Christl, Charlotte and more on offer, again, only for £1.99 a kilo. Our stocks of International Kidney are some of the best salad potatoes that you can find and, alongside Desiree, British Queen is a fabulous roasting potato as well.

You don’t need a lot of space to grow your own tasty potatoes. If you only have a small garden or a terrace, our potato planters and bags, along with our loose ranges of seed potatoes, are perfect. We even have purpose-made small space potato packs to make choosing potatoes even easier for you.

Simply place three or four potatoes on top of a few handfuls of compost at the bottom of each bag and earth them up throughout the growing season. Once it comes around to harvest time, you’ll be surprised at how much of a crop you’ll have at the end of it.

From roasters to chippers, baked potatoes and mash – we have all the varieties of spud that you could need to make your harvest deliciously different this year.