Primroses - Little Garden Treats

Primroses are great flowers for beginners. If you're new to gardening this year these small, vibrant flowers are easy to look after and require very little attention. What's more, the plants are perennials – so, once you've established them, they'll keep flowering year after year.

The plants have become adept to the bitter temperatures we see around this time of year, hence their unusually early flowering times. Primroses tolerate clay soils, too – meaning that the areas of land on your plot or in your garden that you're struggling to fill can accommodate these delightful flowers without too much work.

Whether you've taken on a new garden, developed an interest in growing flowers or you want some early splashes of colour to lighten up wintry ground, primroses will quickly transform your space into something more vibrant and attractive.

Almondsbury's top greenhouse is currently brimming with primroses. Once you arrive into the sheltered patio area, you'll be drawn immediately to the sea of beautiful flowers that they have on display right now.

The range spans from bold, one-colour blooms to patterned oranges, pinks and lilacs.

Just a couple of these flowers in a hanging basket will be enough to create a worthy feature in your garden. With the plants also having thick, curved leaves layered beneath the flowers you'll find any bare ground is covered quickly. This characteristic difference in the primrose's leaves, along with its plenitude of flowers makes it a useful border plant when paired up with daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops.

Almondsbury's range of primroses is varied. If you're looking for the more traditional flowers, the pale whites, vibrant yellows and deep blues will all work well for you. If you want to break away from traditional colours, the garden centre also have some more modern blooms for you to peruse.

You could even choose complementary colours for a more impressive display; why not try mixing light blues with fiery oranges and bold whites? Or bright yellows and deep purples?

Primroses, if looked after correctly, can flower right up until late Spring – all you need to remember to do is remove the flowers as they dry up. Your plants will then keep pushing flowers out on a regular basis.

Once the primroses die back, give them a dose of nutrients by mulching – this will ensure that when they do rise out of the ground the following year, they'll hold their strong blossoms again.