Regal Roses

The rose has always been a favourite of gardeners and beyond. The delicate flowers are held with esteem - and gardens are filled with them.

Here, at Almondsbury - we source the best roses for your garden. With such a palette of colours available, we stock our roses for variety - offering hues from bright pink to deep reds and more.

The best thing about growing your own roses is that they are perennials and fare well in our unpredictable climate. Our pots of roses are ready to be planted up in your garden. Whether you choose to edge them along your beds, fill empty corners, train them up the sides of arbours and trellises, or otherwise - you can achieve all of this with our gorgeous rose collection.

You can find our roses in the outdoor plants section, located to the right of site as you walk through from the main shop.

We are offering Patio Roses at a price of just £6.99, £2 lower than the RRP. You could line your garden borders and walls with four sets of roses for just over £20, much cheaper than you might pay in other plant centres.

Included in our range of patio roses, you can find the peachy blossoms of ‘Belle of the Ball’, the bold ‘Golden Patio’, and the two-toned pink, ‘Teenage Spirit’.

As well as these varieties, we also have the Peter Beales Rose, ‘Macmillan Nurse’ – holding a series of indulgent white heads for just £12.99.

If you’re looking for some strong climbers to decorate your new arbours and trellises, you’ve come to the right place. Here, in the outdoor plants section, we have Harkness Rose Patio Trellis Climbers for £19.99 – our attractive reds and traditional pinks will make perfect additions to your gardens. £19.99 might be a little more expensive, but remember that the plants will live on for many years.

To keep your roses thriving after you’ve purchased them from us, we have a rich selection of rose feeds, composts and other things on hand in our main shop. If you’re looking for advice, our friendly staff have all the knowledge you need.

The sowing season is pretty much over and plants are now in the height of their flowering. Investing in a rose from us, here at Almondsbury, will give you that much needed colour late in the season, as well as producing rounds of beautiful colour year after year.