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At Almondsbury our experts are always ready to help you with every part of your Garden! Whether that's flower care, veg growing advice or barbecue tips, we have experienced staff on hand. We've captured some of their top tips on the website but pop in and see us if you need anything else.

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Ask Almondsbury: Basket and Patio Plants

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If you’re short on space, or you don’t have a garden at all, hanging baskets and patio pots can still give you that essence of a flourishing garden area. In fact, by working with more limited space and through using each plants’ potential, you can create some truly stunning features to liven even the greyest of areas. Hanging baskets also make fantastic additions to gardens, giving you that height to play with – not forgetting patio plants to spruce up those tired or empty-looking corners.

Lawn Care with Almondsbury

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It’s a hallmark of British culture that as a nation we take great pride in our garden lawns and nowhere is this more apparent than in the sheer wealth of products and advice available to help us maintain our perfect patches of green.

Compost is a gardener's essential

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Make your compost trip easy with the South West's First Compost Drive-Thru.