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9cm Basket & Patio Plants

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Ask Almondsbury Basket and Patio Plants

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Hanging baskets also make fantastic additions to gardens, giving you that height to play with – not forgetting patio plants to spruce up those tired or empty-looking corners.

Coming soon in 2019

22nd July

The Summer Flower Hunt

Come and join us in the store over the Summer Season to hunt the hidden flowers!

22nd July - 1st September.

14th September

Harvest Festival

Join us and celebrate our Harvest Festival, and take part in both our Giant Veg and Sunflower competition.

14th to 15th September

Seasonal Advice

Got a plant or flower you’re looking for?

Almondsbury Inspiration

Containers & Pots

Containers and pots provide wonderful ways to create a garden, even if you don’t have the green space to hand. They help elevate plants, keep them relatively free of weeds and, in the case of pot self-watering systems, they can also solve a host of problems with thirsty plants like tomatoes.

Summer Compost Advice

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It can be tricky to find the advice you need to get the most out of your soil. DIY stores might have the stock, but they often lack the knowledge. At Almondsbury, we want to help you build your perfect garden – whatever space you have. And that’s why we go above and beyond to stock as many multi-purpose and specialist composts as we can.

Lawn Care with Almondsbury

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It’s a hallmark of British culture that as a nation we take great pride in our garden lawns and nowhere is this more apparent than in the sheer wealth of products and advice available to help us maintain our perfect patches of green.