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January Sale

Up to 50% off selected lines!

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19th October

The Pumpkin Hunt

Come and help us track down 20 troublesome pumpkins that have escaped their patch and are hiding in-store!

19th to 3rd November
30th November

Christmas Experience

Discover something magical at Santa's Grotto this Christmas. Read more about our immersive & interactive experience!

Seasonal Advice

Got a plant or flower you’re looking for?

Almondsbury Inspiration

Creating a herb garden

Herbs are the wonderful ingredient that really makes our food sing. Not only this, they have fantastic medicinal properties and they’re great for wildlife too.

Creating a wildlife friendly garden

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How do you create the perfect wildlife garden to not only bring life into your outdoor spaces but also help save declining numbers?

Almondsbury Guide to Christmas Lighting

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As Christmas lighting experts, we know how much people love to decorate their homes at this time of year, but, also appreciate that there can be a bewildering array to choose from – so that’s why we’ve put together this guide – we hope that it helps you make your festivities that much brighter!