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Ask the Experts

Ask The Experts: Landscaping tips

Landscaping doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. There are plenty of smaller and easier ways to transform your garden into the ideal space. In today’s blog, here are five ways you can start designing your garden with ease.

Ask Almondsbury: Slugs, Bugs, and Pests.

Slugs are the thorn in the side of every gardener. But it isn’t just slugs munching your plants. Aphids, ants and other pesky insects are never too far away either. This begs the question; how do you keep pests at bay without using harmful chemicals?

Ask Almondsbury: Basket and Patio Plants

If you’re short on space, or you don’t have a garden at all, hanging baskets and patio pots can still give you that essence of a flourishing garden area. In fact, by working with more limited space and through using each plants’ potential, you can create some truly stunning features to liven even the greyest of areas. Hanging baskets also make fantastic additions to gardens, giving you that height to play with – not forgetting patio plants to spruce up those tired or empty-looking corners.


Creating a herb garden.

Herbs are the wonderful ingredient that really makes our food sing. Not only this, they have fantastic medicinal properties and they’re great for wildlife too.

Creating a wildlife friendly garden.

How do you create the perfect wildlife garden to not only bring life into your outdoor spaces but also help save declining numbers?

Containers & Pots

Containers and pots provide wonderful ways to create a garden, even if you don’t have the green space to hand. They help elevate plants, keep them relatively free of weeds and, in the case of pot self-watering systems, they can also solve a host of problems with thirsty plants like tomatoes.


Summer Outdoor Furniture Advice

Summer here and us garden lovers are spending a lot of time outside! Our dedicated outdoor furniture area, situated just up from the basket and bedding plants and a short walk from the main shop, houses some beautiful designs.

Garden Furniture - Just in time for Summer!

Whether you’ve taken on a new garden this year, or you’re looking to spruce up your tired outdoor spaces, at Almondsbury, we have a wide selection of garden furniture to give you the vision you want. Our garden furniture selection, located just up from the plants section, boasts some beautiful features that would make perfect additions to your outdoor areas.

Stress awareness month: Does Gardening Really Lower Stress Levels?

Ask any gardener why they do what they do and they’ll often tell you that gardening is, quite simply, the way they relax after long and hard days.