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Choosing Pots For Your Garden

Gardens are becoming increasingly smaller, and most of us are lucky to have a patch of green at all. With patios and balconies replacing larger outdoor spaces, it can put a limit on what you grow. Yet, at Almondsbury, we have a vast range of pots for all your needs - and, what’s more, with a selection of sizes, you can grow anything from a collection of succulents right up to ornamental trees.


Compost is a gardener's essential

Make your compost trip easy with the South West's First Compost Drive-Thru.

Christmas is coming; have you got everything covered?

Don't fret if you haven't - here, at Almondsbury Garden Centre we have a huge range of gifts for you to give.

Regal Roses

The rose has always been a favourite of gardeners and beyond. The delicate flowers are held with esteem - and gardens are filled with them.


The Perfect Kitchenware to Make Your Christmas

Do you or someone you know fancy yourself as a chef at home? If so, we have just the thing for you at Almondsbury Garden Centre. As part of our Christmas display, we're offering a huge range of kitchen utensils, chopping boards, egg holders and even teapots.

How to keep colour continuous in Autumn

Although many of our favourite trees and flowers are now shedding their vibrant colours and our gardens are beginning to look bare, there are still plenty of ways that we can keep that colour going through the colder, fresher days.

Autumn inspiration for your garden

The days may be getting colder and shorter, but at Almondsbury we’ve got some great ideas and inspiration to keep that colour coming.