Ask the Experts

Choosing Pots For Your Garden

Gardens are becoming increasingly smaller, and most of us are lucky to have a patch of green at all. With patios and balconies replacing larger outdoor spaces, it can put a limit on what you grow. Yet, at Almondsbury, we have a vast range of pots for all your needs - and, what’s more, with a selection of sizes, you can grow anything from a collection of succulents right up to ornamental trees.

Houseplants to Make Your Home Healthy

With our increasingly busy lives and our smaller homes, the reality is that many of us can't fit big trees, beds and borders or even large containers into our homes. Yet, that doesn't mean that you give up any hope of owning your own plants.

Ask Almondsbury - Primroses

This is the first in a monthly series of video blogs, in which one of our team of friendly, knowledgeable experts will offer insights and wisdom on a chosen topic. This week, our plant expert David Rowsell is discussing Primroses.