Get Creative with Cactuses

Cactuses are iconic and it’s easy to see why. They don’t need a garden to flourish – they also don’t need much watering or care. On top of this, each cactus has its own individual charm and every plant is a living sculpture, bringing wonderful shapes and forms to your office and your home.

As Jo Cheek, our plant specialist based in the houseplants department, says: ‘cactuses and succulents are making a huge resurgence. We’re beginning to appreciate their structures again.’

We have so many fantastic different types of cactuses and succulents available here at Almondsbury. You can find them all in the main entrance, as part of our larger houseplant collection. As well as the more traditional trident and finger-shaped cactuses, we also have cactuses that flower. In addition to this, we also have the resourceful aloe vera plant, at £7.99 each, famous for its antibacterial properties. 

Our smaller cactuses are available from £1.99 and £2.99 and would make perfect additions to any houseplant pot arrangement. These cactuses have been grafted with colourful tops to create even more intrigue. We also have cactus mixes, on display at £6.99 each and larger pots of cactuses like Optunia Vulgaris for £9.99.

Why not pick up a more mature version of our smaller cactuses for only £10.99 each? They’ll instantly transform a new office, a recently renovated home or a space in need of some decoration. Standing high as living sculptures, these plants will definitely make an impression and they’ll cost less than that painting or ornament.

As well as a wealth of cactus plants, we also have some great succulents for you to take home and enjoy. The characteristic thick round-leafed succulents and tall cylindrical-leafed varieties will make a welcome change to any part of the home. Furthermore, if introduced to the busy environment of an office, studies have shown that houseplants will help you stay relaxed and focused.

In addition to our cactuses, we also have fun air plants for you to browse. Air plants are brilliant for children. They don’t require much at all to thrive and your children and grandchildren can be inspired by nature, as well as learning about nurturing and caring for it.
With a huge range of creative cacti, fragrant orchids, and attractive leafy houseplants all arranged wonderfully by our passionate staff, why not head over to Almondsbury Garden Centre and find a houseplant to brighten up your home?