Prepare Yourself For Spring With Our Primroses

Our gardens may only just be waking up from their long wintry slumber, but there are already some wonderful flowers ready to start adding some much-needed splashes of colour to your beds, borders and containers. This March, why not fill your garden with some beautiful early colour with our proud range of primroses?

Primroses have been a popular choice for gardeners for hundreds of years and with good reason, too. As flowers adapted to our mild and unpredictable climate, you really can't go wrong with primroses. If you own a shady garden, primroses naturally grow on banks and under trees, making them a great choice for these types of areas.

We love primroses at Almondsbury. Every year, as the colder days become a thing of the past, we decorate the entirety of the patio next to the bottom greenhouse with the colourful flowers. To celebrate the coming of Spring and the versatile primrose, we’re offering our flowers for 99p each or you can pick up 10 plants for just £7.50. If you’re desperate for some garden colour, or you’ve only just taken on a garden – why not pick up a selection of our flowers? We have everything from reds and blues to oranges and whites. We also have ranges of double-coloured primroses. These are perfect for borders and baskets, as they’ll provide some prominent colour well before many of the Summer bedding and basket plants have even begun.

Our primroses, along with daffodils, snowdrops and other flowers are perfect for celebrating Spring in your garden. Now, you might not have a lot of space to hand, especially if you live in an urban area. As short plants, primroses don't need a lot of space. This makes them a perfect flower for containers and pots in balconies and on patio gardens too. Why not pick up some hanging baskets from our shop and create a rich primrose garden that surrounds you. Don’t forget, we have some wonderful ornamental pots, as well as compost and other resources to help you get back into your garden this year.

Don't settle for store-bought primroses this year. Build a primrose garden that you can find pleasure in throughout the early and mid-spring with our top-quality flowers. As well as offering a fine selection of traditional and mixed flowers, our passionate and knowledgeable staff will help you design and take care of your plants to help you get the most out of your primrose patch this year.