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Top 10 Winter Gardening Tips!

As winter draws near, it's the perfect time to get your garden ready for the coming spring. For those of us who love gardening, here are our top tips to ensure your garden stays healthy and thriving during the cold months ahead:


  1. Plan and Organise: Start by planning and sorting out your garden. Consider the layout, plant choices, space for composting, water collection, storage, and wildlife. This is also the time to order and sow plants so they're ready for spring.


  1. Protect Your Garden Beds: If you have empty veg beds that won't be used during winter, cover them with landscaping fabric or cardboard, and weigh them down with planks and bricks. This prevents weed growth and helps the soil warm up faster in the spring while retaining nutrients.


  1. Tidy Up the Borders: When cutting back your borders, remove any dead plants to prevent the spread of diseases. We recommend our trusty hedge shears, hand trowel, and steel garden rake to ensure you a clean and tidy cut.


  1. Rake the Lawn: Don’t forget to rake your lawn, even in the winter, it will aid in ventilation and drainage that’ll help your grass to establish firm rooms in the cold winter months.


  1. Don’t Fertilise: The winter is the time for garden plants to go dormant and rest. Forcing them to start new growth before the ground warms in the spring interrupts this period of when they’re rejuvenating, and temperatures below freezing will kill tender new growth.
  1. Nurture Your Lawn: Keep your lawn healthy by applying winter lawn feed. This strengthens the root system and helps the grass resist disease and winter stress.


  1. Protect Vulnerable Plants: Winter elements like wind and rain can harm your plants. If possible, move vulnerable plants to sheltered areas or ensure proper drainage to prevent root rot and cold damage.


  1. Brighten up your garden: Flowering varieties such as cyclamen, pansy, polyanthus, and winter-flowering daphne are all colourful winter options to ward of the winter blues! Pro tip: if you’re planting these in ceramic pots, make sure the pots are frost resistant.


  1. Bring the Garden Inside: To continue enjoying gardening during the cold months, invest in winter houseplants. They not only enhance your indoor space but also have proven health benefits. Place them on sunny windowsills but be cautious of chilly drafts.


  1. Cater to Wildlife: Don't forget our garden visitors! Set up bird feeders and water baths to provide for the birds. Melt ice on your ponds to ensure they have access to water. You can even create a simple bug hotel with wood and sticks to provide a cozy home for insects.


These winter gardening tips will help your garden stay in great shape and keep you connected to your gardening passion throughout the colder months.

Happy gardening!

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