Lawn Care with Almondsbury

It’s a hallmark of British culture that as a nation we take great pride in our garden lawns and nowhere is this more apparent than in the sheer wealth of products and advice available to help us maintain our perfect patches of green.

Compost is a gardener's essential

Make your compost trip easy with the South West's First Compost Drive-Thru.

Christmas is coming; have you got everything covered?

Don't fret if you haven't - here, at Almondsbury Garden Centre we have a huge range of gifts for you to give.

Regal Roses

The rose has always been a favourite of gardeners and beyond. The delicate flowers are held with esteem - and gardens are filled with them.

Building the Best Baskets

When it comes to bringing colour to your garden, nothing quite tops a hanging basket. You might think that with such a limited amount of space you'd end up with less colour and diversity - but if done correctly, plants in baskets aren’t lost in the noise like border and bedding plants.

Still haven't found your perfect Christmas tree yet? There's still time!

It can be quite a headache finding the tree for your home; not only do you spend hours wandering around looking for trees, when you arrive you find that they aren’t quite what you were hoping for.